Currently, computers have become a necessity for almost everyone. Besides, a computer can carry out several tasks, including shopping, writing essays, jobs and entertainment. People may want to buy a new computer if they have never owned one before or if they’re going to upgrade from the one they had. Also, you might purchase a new computer when the one you own gets spoilt. However, you do not always have to buy a new gadget when the current gets spoilt. You can contact Computer Repairs Bristol for high-quality yet very affordable services. The factors to consider include the following:

Random Access Memory (RAM) most people usually confuse RAM with storage. RAM involves location in a computer where operational data from your system processes and applications are stored. The ram allows real-time operations and calculations in a computer. You will need a computer with a large ram as today’s web browsers and applications require more memory. Also, if your work entails opening several applications simultaneously, a computer with a large RAM is ideal for you.


Although processors keep growing and getting upgraded frequently, you cannot lack a computer with a processor that will suit you. Intel provides performance tiers that are easily according to your requirements. If your operations only involve basic tasks, Core i3 computers can be perfect for you. On the other hand, Core i5 computers are the best option if you want to balance cost and performance. This is the best to purchase if you are on a tight budget but still require a computer with efficient speed.

Nevertheless, computers with Core i9 and i7 have the best processors. However, they might be more expensive, but the money spent on them is worth it.


You do not want to purchase a computer that will nag you for lack of enough space. You must consider the data or information you want to store as you buy. You can choose two forms of computer storage: the solid-state drive (SSD) and the hard disk drive (HDD). SSDs use flash memories to store information, while HDDs use rapidly spinning magnetic disks referred to as platters. Computers with SSDs entail higher prices; thus, their writing and reading rates are much faster than those with HDDs. SSDs lack moving parts, thus making them cooler, lighter, more efficient, harder to damage and quieter than conventional drives.

Weight and Size

Although the weight and size of desktops might not be significant to many, you will need to consider the portability of your laptop if you need one. If your work involves moving up and about, consider getting a light device that will be easy to carry around. Besides, the size of the laptop does not necessarily mean that it is of good quality and has vast storage. You can find slim and light laptops of good quality, giving you an easy time at work. However, if you are on a budget, always consider the gadget’s performance over its portability.

It is significant to research the dealer you are buying from before purchasing to guarantee their legitimacy. Again, when purchasing a computer, it is crucial to consider your future needs to avoid buying a gadget twice, especially over a short period.

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