When you own a business and want to try and stay one step ahead of your competitors, embracing technology can help you and give you an advantage. One type of technology that you can use in various businesses is AI, and there are many ways to use this emerging technology. You will need to find a suitable data science and AI company to assist you with this, and below are some of the ways you can incorporate this technology into your business.

Posting In Your Social Media Channels

Your company can embrace many different social media platforms, but it can be time-consuming to post your content on all these platforms. However, you can utilise AI technology and have it post automatically in the social media channels you use and help manage your profile. The technology can post content automatically when you are most likely to get the most engagement and help give your business profile a boost online.

Enhance Your Customer Service

You can also use AI technology to create chatbots for your website, with tech which your customers can use to get answers to questions they have. Websites like grok.is use AI to understand their customers needs around meetings. You can program the chatbots with the most frequently asked questions and supply answers quickly to your customers. If the user asks something that AI cannot answer, it can then divert them to a human customer service agent who can help with the enquiry and provide the user with an answer.

Use It To Manage Your Stock Levels

It is also possible to use AI technology to help manage your stock levels and plan when the most opportune time to replenish your stock. You can know what inventory you have available precisely and in real-time. When stock levels are low, it can flag this to a human operative to order more or make the order automatically.

Improve Your Sales

Although people may not want to buy products or services from AI technology, it can be a valuable tool in your sales team’s arsenal. You can use AI to generate helpful insight into the sales function and processes and use it to make accurate sales forecasts. It can help to predict your customers’ needs and enhance communication by prompting salespeople to contact their customers at the appropriate time.

These are just a few of the different areas you can use AI in to help boost your business, but there are plenty more besides. You can click here to get more ideas of how to incorporate AI technology into your business and help ensure it is a success.

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