The call center manager is responsible for carrying out all tasks related to customer relations. He ensures that the agents communicate well with the customers. He also designs the customer relationship strategy. He studies all the statistics in customer relationships to improve them.

He is also known as a customer relations manager or desk manager in call centers. Hang on, let’s discover together the missions and the elements you need to know to become a customer relationship manager. Let’s start right away with the definition of the call center manager. You can visit website to learn more.

What Is A Call Center Manager?

The call center manager is the agent who takes charge of the overall customer relationship organization or mainly calls in the call center. His tasks concern the implementation of the customer relationship strategy. He is an intermediary between customer advisors, teleoperators, and the ordering customer in call centers. The call center manager is also called customer relationship management because he deals with everything related to customer relationship strategy:

  • He chooses the CRM tools to use
  • It organizes training
  • it recruits customer relations agents
  • He constantly monitors the call quality of his teams
  • , and if necessary, he organizes individual or team support

In short, the call center manager or Virtual Research Assistant is responsible for maintaining the quality of calls in the call center.

What Are The Duties Of A Call Center Manager?

The duties of a call center manager are:

to manage the customer advisers, pilot them,

monitor their performance;

and overseeing the operation of the customer relationship strategy.

1- Manage customer relations agents

The call center manager organizes the customer relations agents daily. In call centers, he prepares macros or scripts used by customer advisers. He plans the missions of his teams so that they can solve the problems of the customers.

2- Monitor The Performance Of The Customer Relations Teams

The efficiency of customer advisers and teleoperators is based on the various statistics of their calls. The call center manager must use KPIs to monitor his team’s performance. In the event of a poor result, the customer relationship manager must take the necessary measures to remedy this problem. For example, he can organize training to help his team members improve their performance.

3- Design A Customer Relationship Strategy

The call center manager’s role is to implement a customer relationship strategy. In this case, he must:

  • Choose the CRM tools to use in the customer relationship
  • Create macros for his teams
  • implement corrective actions or activities
  • Set individual and collective goals

He must organize everything to achieve the qualitative and quantitative objectives set in the call centers.

How To Become A Call Center Manager?

To become a call center manager, you need a BTS NDRC diploma. However, it depends on the call center we are talking about. Sometimes, it can evolve internally from a teleoperator to a platform manager. What is certain is that you must also master all the skills and qualities related to this profession.

The Skills And Qualities Needed To Become A Call Center Manager

The call center manager job has many requirements in terms of skills and qualities. It would help if you mastered them before integrating this function. These requirements are as follows: A perfect mastery of performance indicators related to customer relations, especially customer service;

  • Mastery of customer relationship management tools (CRM software)
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Good organizational and methodical skills
  • A sense of leadership

In reality, the call center manager must know the activities of a call center perfectly. Thus, he can make the best decisions to improve the latter’s efficiency.

As conclusion:

The call center manager or customer relationship manager implements a customer communication strategy. It supports the choice of CRM software. He designs customizable scripts for his team. He also tracks the performance of his team through various customer service KPIs. In sum, the call center manager is one of the most important people in the call center.

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