Your personal Facebook account should represent who you are as an individual and you alone should have a completely secure access to it. There are cyber criminals who are hacking into FB accounts and pretend to be you from your account.

These pranksters and scammers break into any social media accounts that they can. But you need to keep your account safe. Once hacked, your account could put you at a greater risk than you can imagine. There is a cyber portal where you can report any suspicious accounts as well which you think are fake with fictional celebrities, people, pets or organizations.

Secure your Account

No social media account is foolproof and the same is with Facebook, but you can always protect your Facebook account from hackers. The first precautionary measure that you take to protect yourself from cyber crimes is setting all your computing devices to lock automatically in quick time when not in use.

The hackers try to use social engineering and phishing techniques to trick you into handing over your FB password or some other personal information that they can use to guess it. Let us try to understand how we can protect our personal account with the use of technology. First of all, Facebook itself has various tools that can help you keep your account safe from getting hacked. The following are certain tips in order to secure your personal Facebook account:

  1. Choose a password that will be hard to guess but easily remembered by you.
  2. Facebook uses your email address to log in, hence under the privacy settings opt for hiding your email address on your profile.
  3. The most commonly used technique by a hacker to break into your account is through a rogue application. To avoid this, disable or delete all the unnecessary applications on your mobile that you do not use.
  4. Facebook also offers a Two-Factor Authentication on your account login page for a foolproof lock on your profile. By enabling this authentication, your cell phone receives a security code every time your FB account is being logged in. Only physical access to your mobile can breakthrough this lock code.

Take Control of Your Account

Vandals and malicious attackers operate on all illegal cyber laws to hack into your legitimate social account. That does not mean you don’t hold one and hide in a hole. Do not let the hackers take control of your personal Facebook account while you can lock down and protect it.

You can try to block your account from rogue toddlers and pranksters easily but creating a defense against extreme targeting can be challenging. Once your account is secured with the above mentioned tips, you should also make sure that it is safe from social engineering style attacks too. offers mSpy one of the most popular spying applications on the cyber market. It is the hacking software that brings peace to the minds of worrying parents.

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