A fundamental concept in the results and development of digital products is Emotional Design. Know what it is and why to consider it!

Have you ever stopped to think about what appeals to you in some products or what doesn’t appeal to you in others? According to Emotional Design, products can generate emotions in us, and these feelings play a fundamental role in our choices.

Don Norman developed and introduced the concept that product design can generate emotions in his book published in 2003 (see below) and has been hotly debated ever since. After all, producing positive feelings or emotions in consumers activates their receptivity and encourages them to buy. Learn more below!

What Is Emotional Design?

Have you ever wondered why you prefer app X over app Y, even though they offer the same functionality?

It is possible to point out several aspects that can interfere with this choice, such as the usability or the application interface. Emotional design associates this preference for using a particular app or any other product to their emotions.

Because this line of thought proposes that the elements and colors of objects, services, and platforms we use can bring us different emotions.

It is noteworthy that these feelings generated by a product under the individual go far beyond just the experience of use but also permeates the appearance and status added to it. Stay with us, and we’ll explain this later.

The Importance Of Emotional Design In Digital Product Development

Many of our decisions, especially in shopping, are related to our emotions. From this statement, it is already possible to understand that products that instigate positive thoughts in people make better sales.

Think of e-commerce, and it is natural that when making an online purchase, we analyze a series of factors on the site and, depending on the elements exposed, we will develop a reaction (emotional response) about the page in question.

If the online store has a well-chosen font for the text, a pleasant color palette, and quality photos, it is natural that it will generate a positive impact on the customer.

However, if the site is not well structured, it transmits amateurism and arouses emotions that do not interest the purchase.

Thus, companies and brands like catapult revenue must create products that generate an emotional impact on their customers. Therefore, they create interest and attract people and promote a much greater bond between the service offered and the consumer.

Within the digital products market, care in creating the design and interface of the items is essential. Think about that as with other types of acquisitions; emotional triggers are also present here.

Well-produced materials add more excellent emotional value and attract internet users. Info products that convey knowledge, for example, can also benefit from inspirational design, as positive stimuli favor learning.

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