Do you know how to bake? Do your friends and family members relish your killer cakes, bread, and even doughnuts?

If you have great baking chops, perhaps, it is high time you started a bakery business. To open a bakery, you need a list of essential supplies and equipment.

You will not go anywhere or achieve anything worthwhile in your bakery if you do not have the necessary tools to help you succeed.

The truth is that you need more than a few supplies to get a traditional bakery running. But this brief guide will highlight the nine most essential items required to open your bakery.

In this guide, it is assumed that you already have a well-written, dedicated business plan. You have startup capital or have access to a loan.

It is also believed that you have successfully leased a commercial space where you plan to run your bakery business. The necessary licenses/permits have been obtained and secured.

Hiring and training staff should be underway, and you have well-crafted advertising and marketing strategies in place.

Therefore, without further ado, here are nine items you need to open a bakery successfully:

Stand Mixer/Hand Mixer

Stand mixers and hand mixers are two staples in a well-equipped bakery. You can work wonders with a tabletop stand mixer.

Floor mixers, which can be used to produce large batches of dough at a time, are for bakeries with lots of space.

Therefore, it is standard procedure for every bakery to have at least one hand mixer for creams, sauces, and meringues to top baked products.

Weighing Scales

Do you want accuracy when it comes to your baked goods? If getting the correct measurement matters to you each time you bake, then you need to get your hands on weighing scales.

Weighing scales are so vital for commercial bakeries as they allow you to do the following:·      

  • Keep bakery products consistent at all times.
  • Significantly reduce the amount of waste.
  • Correctly measure your customers’ goods.

As you can see, getting your hands on high-quality weighing scales will help make your baking operations much more efficient and profitable.


The oven should be the #1 component in any commercial bakery. Ovens come with a wide variety of features and characteristics.

Which type of oven do you want: electric or gas? Maybe you prefer a deck oven or a convection oven.

You can even purchase an entire steam system if your budget allows it. The choice of oven you make will depend significantly on the volume of baked goods you intend to produce per day.

Baking Pan

You need a wide range of baking pans as they generally come in different types and sizes. Therefore, buy more baking pans than you will ever need.

Apart from the simple fact that dough has a mind of its own in some cases, you never really know when the next order will require the use of a baking pan of a particular size.

Mixing Bowls/Spatulas/Spoons

No matter how small your bakery is, it should not lack an adequate supply of spoons, mixing bowls, and spatulas.

Figuring out precisely how many to buy is a different challenge on its own. But, as they say, the more, the merrier. If you get slammed with massive or multiple orders, those utensils will come in handy quickly.


You need a high-quality dough mixer because the precise way you mix your dough will affect the final, baked product’s overall quality.

Therefore, make up your mind on the type of mixer you want to purchase. There are horizontal,  spiral arm, and planetary mixers.

You also need to consider the capacity of the mixer you choose. The higher the capacity of the mixer, the more baked goods you will be able to produce.


A bakery is a business that calls for hard work. Rolling out your dough on a clean and firm worktable, or two, can be fun and exciting. Ensure the worktable is made of hardwood for durability.


There is hardly any bakery that does not have refrigerators. The type of unit you go for depends on the space you use for your baking business.

In case you are wondering why refrigerators are on this list, these ice boxes allow you to keep some perishable ingredients like milk, butter, and cream close at hand.

Refrigerators come in different sizes, capacities, and units. There are worktop refrigerators, reach-in refrigerators, etc.


Every good bakery should have plenty of storage for both the ingredients as well as equipment. And you also need storage for your baked goods.

For this, you may have to invest in several food boxes and storage bins. This helps free up much more room within your work area.


Starting a bakery business presents several unique situations and cannot be compared with opening a traditional restaurant.

By getting your hands on the nine essential items you need to open a bakery as listed in this brief guide, you will be able to get off on a good start. And turn your dream of running a bakery business into a reality.

Image source Pixabay

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